XTPL relacje inwestorskie

Core operations

The Issuer is an innovative technology company engaged in commercialization of research and development (R&D) which aim to develop the ground-breaking technology of ultra-fine printing of a wide spectrum of nanomaterials.
The solution developed by XTPL will allow e.g. to produce a new generation of Transparent Conductive Films (TCF) that are widely used in the manufacturing sectors covering displays, monitors, touch screens, and photovoltaic cells. The key features of XTPL’s new-generation TCFs:

  • lower unit cost,
  • very high optical transparency along with high energy efficiency (extremely low surface resistance), and
  • flexible layers resistant to bending (an essential characteristic in view of the electronics market development prospects).

Due to the achieved parameters of the implemented solutions, the XTPL technology is defined as a “disruptive technology”. The XTPL printing method may be seen as a factor impacting the operations of the key players in the markets mentioned above.

At the same time, in view of the platform-like nature of the developed technology, the Company seeks new ways of application in other areas and sectors, e.g.:

  • repairing damaged metallic conductive lines (displays, printed circuit boards, photovoltaic cells);
  • production of biosensors;
  • anti-counterfeit solutions.

The Company’s registered office and research laboratories are located on the premises of the Pracze Campus of the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ (from September 2016). The team consists of scientists and technologists with interdisciplinary experience in the fields of chemistry, physics, electronics, materials engineering and numerical simulations as well as specialists in strategic management and technology commercialization.